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A growing, excited mailing list of engaged readers can make the difference between making a living…and writing as a hobby. Don’t be left behind. Multi-author marketing and cross-promotion is key to our success. There are more than enough readers to go around –literally millions of potential fans are out there, waiting to discover your books! Join one of our giveaways now and work with other proactive, market-savvy authors to take control of your career. With Amazon and Facebook squeezing reach every day, it’s time to create a marketing asset that you control.

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1.) Register now and pick a book! We need 2 print copies mailed to us (details will be sent after sign up). You can ship directly from the printer, from your office or you can have us purchase at full retail price.

2.)We provide everything you need – contest page, graphics, copy for your newsletter, Twitter and Facebook graphics, links and so much more.

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Our Contests Are Designed for Romance Authors!

Traditional and Indie published authors are encouraged to participate. We know that some authors can’t give away eBooks so our contests are based on print copies. Recent research has shown that there are massive amounts of readers who prefer paper books to eBooks.

Write Romantic Suspense? Romantic Comedy? Paranormal with romantic elements? Erotic Romance? You’re in! As long as your novel or novella has a romantic plot, you’re welcome to join us.

Giveaway Schedule:

(Contests will run from 1st day of the month until the last day of the month)

Time to Read
September 1st, 2017 (EST) - September 30th, 2017 (EST)
Thankful for Books
November 1st, 2017 (EST) - November 30th, 2017 (EST)

There is ONE contest with TWO winners. All readers will be asked their heat level preference for author mailing lists. You will receive the COMPLETE list, however, we recommend you use discretion in adding readers to your mailing list based on reader feedback and your style/heat level of writing.